Hacking Health Rotterdam 2019

Dutch Hacking Health is a national initiative that organizes healthcare hackathons at various locations in the Netherlands. In a single weekend over 500 technicians, designers, entrepreneurs, caregivers and patients come together to solve real problems. The unique aspect of Dutch Hacking Health Rotterdam is that we focus on having international students and young professionals as participants, who will face the challenges with a fresh perspective.

The Dutch Hacking Health Rotterdam will take place from Friday the 5th, to the 7th of April 2019. It is a collaboration between Young Medical Delta and the EMC. Previous years have been proven to be a major success for all those involved.

Dutch Hacking Health is for everyone who is interested in healthcare, informatics, ethics, design or any other aspect of solving healthcare problems.

N.B. By signing up you get access to the event as well as dinner and drinks on the 5th, breakfast, lunch and dinner on the 6th and lunch and drinks on the 7th. We hope to see you in April!


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