Team Life

mei 3, 2019 2:10 pm
Art of dying/art of living
In dutch society we seem to be at ease with talking about death and dying. However, simultaneously and paradoxically, we have banned death and dying from our society: people are seldom actually confronted with death in their daily lives, unless it is in their personal circle. Cemeteries and hospitals are outside the living areas, and inside the hospitals the dying happens out of sight. This results in a troubled relation with death. Rather than being a natural part of life and a source of inspiration to give meaning to life, death is seen as a medical failure, a ‘heavy’ topic, a domain to avoid. This results in unnecessary fear to confront the final stage of life, and by going through medical treatments for too long, to a bad quality of dying. Hospice De Vier Vogels wants to counter that development: how could design interventions bring back into society the awareness of death and dying as natural parts of life? How could design make people aware of the art of dying as a source of inspiration for the art of living?