Who should join?

Designers and (service) design thinkers can help to build digital & physical solutions that focus on human needs, creating the right experience for each solution based on the journeys of patients andp professionals.

A patient has the most knowledge about having & experiencing his/her disease. To work on meaningful innovations we need to have patients on board, explaining what they need and how a solution might fit in their lives.

The group that’s most familiar with hackathons. Developers are needed to help teams create their first working prototype. Using programming languages, data science or any other technical experience to realise ideas.

The challenges in healthcare require new ways of thinking, new businessmodels and concept to deliver care. These entrepreneurial minds help to work on sustainable health(care) innovation.

Health(care) professionals with ideas that require technical assistance – doctors, surgeons, nurses, administrators, etc – are encouraged to come and present their ideas or join a team to help them with their experience.

Although your skillset might not be listed in the other descriptions, it could still be very usefull. So bring your fresh perspective, new insights and use your skills to further improve healthcare.