What is the goal?

The primary goal of each hackathon is to rapidly prototype practical ideas that could be useful in healthcare.
Our broader vision is to foster collaborative, cross-disciplinary relationships that can lead to more significant innovation down the road. Not all ideas can be prototyped within a day or a week, and many ideas lay dormant simply because domain experts do not know whom to talk to about building their ideas. We believe that healthcare will improve as we bring technical expertise closer to front-line problems.

Who can attend?

Patients, healthcare professionals, creatives, developers and entrepreneurs are encouraged to join! Be it student or professional. These groups are invited to pitch their health(care) idea/problem OR to join a team to build out ideas and develop solutions.
The goal is to leverage the skills and energy of all the participants to move each idea forward. New people, new ideas, new solutions!

What do I need to bring?

Just your laptop and an adapter. We will provide food and drinks during the weekend.

What does the fee include?

The fee includes: a healthy breakfast/lunch/dinner and drinks!
And of course the ability to participate in an inspiring and fun weekend working on improving healthcare!

Do I need to form a group before the start of the weekend?

You do not need to for a group beforehand. We encourage you to come by yourself and form a team with people you don’t know. The combination of people from different backgrounds will generate new and exciting perspectives!

Can I participate for one or two days?

You can only participate if you attend the whole weekend (Friday 20th April 19:30 – Sunday 22nd April 18:00).
If you really can’t attend the full three days but still want to be part of Hacking Health Nijmegen, become a volunteer! Or watch the presentations of the teams on Sunday. For both you can sign-up on Eventbrite.

Do I have to pitch an idea?

It is a great opportunity to do so and form a great team to work on your idea, so we highly recommend it! You can also pose a problem if you like.
But, no it is not obligatory to pitch an idea. At the start of the weekend, several participants will pitch their ideas and you will be able to choose which idea you want to work on!

Is my idea for a pitch any good?

Yes! As long as your idea is related to healthcare and a possible solution can be prototyped technically, digitally or visually.
Sparkboard is our online platform where you can present your idea/problem before the start of the weekend. Participants will be able to browse the different projects to see what interests them. A good way to get people enthusiastic about your idea!

What about intellectual property?

In general the following guidelines apply as set by Hacking Health: http://hackinghealth.ca/hackathons/. Since the event is set in the Netherlands, Dutch patent- and copyright laws also apply.