004. Sleep problems & neurological disorders (Pitch 14)

The challenge: Approximately 3 out of 5 Dutch suffer with sleep problems and related neurological disorders. The epigenetic factors are found to be related to approximately 75% of diseases. A cost-effective, simple, and relative fast distribution and impact solution is required.


Who is this a problem for and how do I know this?

The Dutch Ministry of Health, NL Politie and World Health Organization (WHO) have asked me for a solution for this problem.

Benefits if resolved 

Development and application of sub-molecular medical sciences. Board implications on reducing National Health Insurance costs. Improved quality of life for patients. New products and retrofits for the consumer, security and medical services market. New add-on treatment protocols in clinical medicine. Is in high alignment with national strategies.

Pitcher: James Lech (Vrije Universiteit)


The Next Step(s) of this pitch

  • Using ubiquitous devices (TV, mobile), program download software to provide add-on therapy in terms of photomedicine, mitochondrial medicine. Focused on human performance add-on.
  • Using a 3D printer, develop an add-on fit-over to TV remote that activates specific functions with the program. Very useful for children, elderly and medical care patients. (solutions can be DHL in 24 hours).
  • If using a phone, no extra devices are needed, just the App is initiated, and with a shortcut button is activated manually or software would automatically activate.
  • Require assistance in rolling out demonstration into commercial businesses, hospitals. NL Politie have already confirmed request.
    – NL Ministry of Health have already requested in writing for the solution to be presented to the World Health Organisation (WHO).
    – LG has already confirmed to assist with technical aspects, and discount on the hardware.
    – Literature reviewed and published by NL academics and EU commission already confirm the nature of the solution is safe (for all ages, and population vulnerable categories) and confirm it does have an impact.
  • Use ARBO, tax rebate and National Health Insurance scheme to pay fully and or subsidise the cost of the solution if the patient does not have it already. Has already been demonstrated in South Africa, doctor writes a prescription for the solution and the patient get’s a 100% tax rebate on it.
  • Expand the application into School education classrooms, different hospital practices, i.e. dentistry, delirium wards, old-age or special-care facilities, medical students.
  • The project would be expandable to street lighting, bicycle lighting and car lighting, i.e. Tesla, SwapFiets.
  • The project is able to stimulate further research and development.
    Bottom-line: One has to experience the solution to understand how it works on the brain and body. But we need help in packaging the solution to be compact and simpler. Need assistance in communicating the solution to the broader public.


2 Replies to “004. Sleep problems & neurological disorders (Pitch 14)”

  1. what kind of neurological disorders are in focus? WHO and police is a strange combination of sponsors? please I need more info to see if I can be of any help,and if I feel a ‘spark’ to be involved ( Also not clear what kind of exeprtise you are looking for..)

  2. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Lech in person recently. I love how generous he is with information. A lot of the solutions that he offers are easy to implement and not necessarily expensive. As my family and myself have been implementing Mr.Lech’s suggestions, we have seen definitive improvements in our health and sense of well-being. I feel very grateful to have met Mr. Lech. He is capable of bringing the changes our modern life is so in need of!

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