How can we help people with mental health challenges believe that love is really possible for them, as it is for every human being?

Target audience and background: Brice, 35 years old, is waiting for the questions of the psychiatrist and the nurses, sitting across him on the other side of the table. I’m sitting beside him, feeling his distress. Today his medical action plan for the upcoming year will be discussed. But Brice has the courage to say that what really matters to him most; and that is the desire to meet someone, maybe to fall in love and to have a family. “This is not the topic today, Brice. And for this, you first need to reach some stability in your mental health” is what the staff gives as a reply…

Potential impact: These last 10 years, in my work as a social worker within the model of “support Housing first”, I had the opportunity to meet and spend time with people who, like Brice, are facing life with a mental health specificity and/or a problem of addiction. In addition to this, many of them suffer from severe social withdraw and don’t even dare anymore to dream of finding love and feeling attractive. If we all agree that our desires to love, being loved and sexuality are essential for our mental health and recovery, than let’s find a solution for Brice and other people like Brice!

Sinds de hackathon gedaan / getest / doorontwikkeld / geregeld:

We held regular meetings in the team and were intensively reaching out to external institutions (please, see attachment). We are in contact with the innovation office of HvO Querido, working with individuals with mental disorders. HvO Querido is excited about the project and are willing to help us with its administration. Further, we discussed the content of the coaching sessions with a behavioural therapist, who would like to help us by their advice and with the organization of mental health prevention workshop. We also got into contact with a hairdresser, who would like to be involved in the project as a style advisor. We elaborated on the content of the sessions, and have attended the online inloopspreekuur with the HHA team, the stakeholder mapping workshop and the business model exploratie with Mirte Vendel from Makerlab and a coaching businesscase workshop with Charlotte van Laar from ABN AMRO. We scheduled a meeting with Douwe van Riet, the director of HvO Querido.

Challenger: Mickael Puech


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