Nathalie Verstegen Experience Expert

Zayna Khayat
Business Innovation

Stefan van Rooijen Physician and Entrepreneur VisitU and Informed

Hester Vermeulen Professor of Nursing Science

Gelle Klein Ikkink
Ministry of Health (VWS)

Iris Hobo
Design expert

Jopie Verhoeven
PAR Radboudumc


Jury criteria

1) Impact

How important is the problem that is solved?
Does the concept really provide a solution to the problem?
For how many people does the concept offer a solution?
Is the idea scalable?

2) Innovatie (#Beste-Innovatie)

Is it really a new / original concept?
Does the smart use of new technology make it? Or is existing technology smartly combined?
Does the end user acknowledge the added value of the concept?

3) HCD (#Beste-Human-Centered-Design)

Are there end users involved in the development?
Connect the concept to the end users’ need?
Is the concept user-friendly?

4) Haalbaarheid

Does it fit into the daily reality of the patient / care professional?
Can the concept be realized technically?
Is there a sustainable business model?

5) Prototype

Has a good and functional prototype been developed?
Has the prototype been tested or tested?

6) Presentatie

Do the public understand the presentation and the concept?
Was the presentation visually appealing and inspiring?