Topicus again partner of Dutch Hacking Health 2017

April 25, 2017 4:10 pm

Realizing smart ideas to real healthcare solutions in one weekend. Is that possible? Definitely! Five Dutch Academic Medical Centers and many other organizations work together to organize Dutch Hacking Health in the weekend of May 19 – 21. After a successful collaboration during the last edition, Topicus will once again partner with largest health hackathon of the Netherlands.

What is Dutch Hacking Health?

The format of ‘Dutch Hacking Health started in 2012 in Canada. Innovative solutions are being made & realized for health problems during the hackathon in less than 48 hours. A hackathon is not just for developers. On the contrary, during Dutch Hacking Health health professionals, patients, developers, designers and entrepreneurs work together to create innovative solutions for health(care).

How does it work?

It all starts on Fridayevening, when the ideas & challenges are pitched and teams are formed. The teams, that are multi-disciplinary, will then work for almost two days to find a solution for a specific problem and create a prototype. The teams will then, at Sunday afternoon, present the results for an experienced panel of judges. These judges will announce the winners.

Why is Topicus partner of Dutch Hacking Health?

The event aligns perfectly with the vision of Topicus because of its innovative approach. Healthcare is changing, people are getting older, treatment options are increasing and the financing system is become more and more complex. This requires a new approach in the health(care) system. An approach with collaboration between healthcare professionals from diverse disciplines, but most of all between healthcare professionals and patients. Topicus’ mission is to add value to these challenges by offering innovative products & services.

That’s why Topicus is once again partner of Dutch Hacking Health. Last year 15 developers and designers of Topicus participated in the teams to help them realize their ideas. Their teammembers were excited about the event. “Dutch Hacking Health brings people with different backgrounds together, this creates a creative hotspot for innovative ideas”, says Roelof Krist, one of the participants of last year.

What is the role of innovation at Topicus?

One of the examples that innovation is being stimulated at Topicus is the yearly internal hackathon. During this internal hackathon employees work on developing new business models, connecting hardware to software, creating a new feature within an existing product or researching new technical solutions.

Topicus is looking forward as partner to a great collaboration during Dutch Hacking health!

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