NLC | The Healthtech Incubator is partner for Dutch Hacking Health 2017!

April 25, 2017 1:42 pm

NLC | The Healthtech Incubator is partner for Dutch Hacking Health 2017. Together with inspired innovators, we will explore how innovative technologies can improve healthcare and make it more sustainable.

As the only Incubator focused on Healthtech in the Netherlands, NLC builds companies to develop innovative products and bring them to the end user, usually the physician and the patient. We do this together with innovators who usually have no experience as an entrepreneur. We’re not advisers, but we work together with the innovators as entrepreneurs willing to take risks. We invest knowledge, experience and our network in exchange for stock of the company. NLC has a unique incubation process that targets and provides a very fast start for an innovative product and a successful business. Take a look at for our Team, Model and Finance approach.

At Dutch Hacking Health, we hope to meet smart innovators and contribute to their creative concepts. During Dutch Hacking Health, we help everyone with insights, tips and ideas. The difference between a good idea and success is implementation. The best innovators and solutions gain access to our Incubator!

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