Changing healthcare: want to make an impact that truly matters?

April 24, 2017 2:09 pm

Dutch Hacking Health 2017

Dutch Hacking Health is the largest healthcare hackathon event in the Netherlands. A single weekend crammed with technology, design, and entrepreneurship. Where healthcare providers and patients come together to transform healthcare. All this takes place from May 19 through May 21, 2017.

This event is special, as it brings together people whose contacts with each other are usually relatively limited: healthcare professionals, patients, programmers, designers, and entrepreneurs. They will work in teams to contemplate on human focused solutions for healthcare issues/questions.
The academic hospitals in Groningen, Leiden, Utrecht, Nijmegen, and Maastricht will open their doors during the weekend, so people with a passion for healthcare can get connected. Patients, healthcare professionals, consultants, software developers, and designers alike – all of them have a single purpose this weekend: to make an impact that matters.

What is Deloitte’s role during the event?

Deloitte is proud to be the sponsor of Dutch Hacking Health for the second year in a row. Deloitte will be represented with an even bigger delegation this year. A total of thirty people from Deloitte will share their healthcare and technology knowledge and experience. Coaches from Deloitte Consulting, Legal and Risk will offer their support to the various teams during the weekend. They will attend all five locations to answer any questions on a variety of topics.

Apart from our role as coaches, Deloitte will be sending its five-strong blockchain team to the hackathon, whose members will be participating in the event throughout the weekend. They want to find out whether the exchange of patient data and the related supervision can be implemented in a blockchain. It would allow patients to have more control over their medical data, which is usually recorded in multiple systems right now. The picture healthcare professionals have of patients should be as complete as possible. An up-to-date overview of medical data is imperative to patient-focused healthcare.

Why do we participate?

We are proud of our quality healthcare in the Netherlands and we want to keep it this way. And yet, all of us have a formidable challenge to face. With the ageing population on the rise, the need for healthcare increases and the pressure on costs is huge. Deloitte believes the use of technological innovations in particular can support health and healthcare and contribute to affordable, easily accessible, high quality healthcare.

The Dutch Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, Ms. Schippers, stresses the importance of healthcare innovation, too: “These innovations are hugely important. They help bring down costs, so we can offer everyone the healthcare they need for years to come. Without innovation we will fail in doing so.”

Another challenge is not so much about the technology available but about how to apply it. A new relationship between patients and healthcare providers is being forged. Deloitte wants to contribute to the deeper issue as to why technological innovations are applied. In sharing our knowledge and experience on the cutting edge of healthcare and ICT during the hackathon, we will boost the acceleration of the advance and use of high-quality, technological healthcare innovations.

We want all of these great initiatives to truly make an impact in healthcare. So our support will extend beyond this event. Our coaching support will be supplemented with eight consultancy hours for the winning team at national level. All local winners will be offered a four-hour workshop, during which we will zoom in on a relevant subject.

Want to know more?

Do you do want to know more about Dutch Hacking Health 2017 and Deloitte’s role? Then contact Ruben Buitenhuis at +31 (0) 6 8201 2534 or

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